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HERE? offers a range of free information via the internet as well as subscription products and services to enable the UK investor to make an informed investment decision, including Broker Forecasts, Share Prices, Director Dealings, and hemscott.NET's new portfolio software.
Turtletrader Strategy. Do you have one? Want to see the world for what it truly is? Trend Following is brutal reality. If you want the chance for absolute returns (+25 to 100%) in bull & bear markets, Trend Following is where you want to be. But this ain't clipping coupons. No risk, no return.
telegraph money - gold
frugi trading school Financial Spread Betting made easy. Buy or sell
financial indices from £1 per point, and take advantage of every move the market makes. We at spreadbet believe that by combining the tax benefits of spreadbetting with the spreads normally associated with trading CFDs or traditional shares, spreadbet is the ultimate product with which to trade the financial markets. Yale School of Management Stock Market Confidence Indexes™
lloyds divi dates
London Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Dow Jones
Standard & Poors
Corporate News
Edgar Online
Public Register's Annual Report Service
American Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Morningstar Mutual Funds
SIC Code Search
Federal Reserve System Beige Book
Financial Data Finder
American Economic Association


UK WIRE company announcement service - one to use - not only on a daily basis - but several times a day.

YAHOO FINANCE I like this site and use it often

Capital Commodities
Commodity trading and commodity prices.

It Pays Dividends Includes P/Es, Dividend cover, Yields, MCaps and rankings, 2 Year highs and lows, Ex Dividend Dates, Payment Dates, Amounts paid at Interims, Quarters and Finals. Now includes Personal Dividend Amount Calculator and Seven Year Dividend History If you need data which is updated weekly, then you will need to subscribe. Analyst online is a brand new, unique, "live" audio and visual, twice daily newsletter covering spread betting for equites and indices for the US and UK markets.

The commentry includes reviewing automated trading signals from two popular signal programs and comparing technical trading methods using established charting tools. The audio feature gives the opportunity to fully explain the charts whilst the screen video highlights the critical visual points in charts. Reviewing automated programs in addition to the manual charts offers the clients a broader base of information, a vital advantage when playing the markets!

The twice daily (Pre UK open 8.00 am and pre US open 14.00) reports last aroung 3-4 minutes and can be accessed all day from our site. Take the free trial and assess this one yourself!

British Bankers Association The Banking and Business Banking Codes

BRITISH BULLS Check out your favourite stocks and find new ones to buy - with the sites 'candle stick' system. You may never need to make your own mind up ever again.

APT A comprehensive set of ex-ante and ex-post measures, model-based and model-free, textbook implementations and proprietary, value-added
analytics. (to be reviewed)

GAMES INVESTER The site is intended to provide potential and existing investors with regular news and analysis about the publicly quoted UK computer and video games companies. In addition, with included comprehensive background information about the industry and business processes involved in creating and selling a game. This is the kind of site I like to find - specialist, in-depth with information in it that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

FILL YA BOOTS Articles, forum, charts etc. I like their left hand nav - usefull looking site.

IG INDEX offer account holders all the tools and information required for online spread betting. Freephone number for help and advice to get you started.

CITY EQUITIES focus exclusively on the smaller companies sector ­ 'penny shares' which have the potential to deliver substantial capital growth. Login required.

DIGITAL LOOK Smart site for investors with free services for those that login and join up.

CONTRACTS FOR DIFFERENCE Contracts for Difference (CFDs) have caught the imagination of the active private investor over the last four years since their introduction to the retail marketplace. This site offers explanations and everything about contracts for difference (cfds). It's new and from the same stable as financial-spread-betting that does a similar job on explaining how financial spread betting works. These sites are not going to win any webdesign awards - but it's early days yet - so we will watch how they develope with interest!

AXLQUOTES Plenty of charts and current figures Quote including recent trades Chart (Historic) Chart (Intraday) AFX News Market Reference Data . Set up your own portfolio et.. Some things not yet implemented - a work in progress - some useful features and all seems to be free. Well worth watching

PROSHARE The primary resource and contact point for
Investment clubs in the UK

DAVID SMITH Economics editor of the Sunday Times personal website and blog. "The site, independent of the newspaper, aims to provide knowledge and stimulate debate on economics, for business people, students, economists and others. As well as my own articles and observations, it also includes material by other people and organisations, which is always welcome. Enjoy the site, and please take part in our forum. "

BBC BUSINESS Excellent - like most things that the BBC do online.


FINANCIAL SPREAD BETTING get the facts before you start
. Usefull page of charts

TAX SHELTER REPORT The Tax Shelter Report is a subscription-only publication published by the Allenbridge Group plc and devoted to independent comment on UK tax efficient investments.

TRUST NET Pain in the butt adverts - avoid

MONEY AM Pain in the butt adverts - avoid

BIZ SALE REPORT Usefull if you are looking to buy or sell a small business

321gold what now for gold?

CREDITSMART 0% credit cards

ADVFN trading tools, BB, chat etc.ADVFN.Com plc. The principal activities of the Group are the provision of a combination of free and premium services on the Internet. Services include: Real-time or delayed share information direct from the London Stock Exchange; Bulletin Board which has received positive press coverage from both Investors and the Financial Times; User configurable Alerts which notify subscribers by e-mail when stock prices change; Comprehensive fundamental data on UK companies from Hemmington Scott Ltd; Stock monitor pages; Fast quotes- real time prices on individual shares; a list of the Top 30 stocks in a number of categories, including percentage rises and falls, volume and price changes; Regulatory News Service; Information on portfolios created by the user; Charts; 'Metatrade' market monitor service - a graph which plots the relationship between overall market activity and price volatility; and Real time individual trade reports.

TRADE2WIN UK trading community website

TRUST NET unit trust information

NEW RATINGS Offers the most timely and complete coverage of equity research online. Drawing from over 80 investment banks and independent research firms, newratings_ provides investors with hundreds of crucial, up-to-the-minute stories on the latest upgrades, downgrades, initiations, and reiterations, daily. Comparable products from similar services are less detailed and cover less than a third of the amount of research covered by newratings.

NOTE PAGE Home of Personal Stock Monitor Designed for novice investors and seasoned professionals alike, Personal Stock Monitor will track multiple portfolios of stocks/funds you own or are watching, which can be automatically updated on any regular schedule with some 50 different optional parameters. Direct links to realtime quotes, charts, news, your online trading site, and many other useful features like stock alerts, makes Personal Stock Monitor an invaluable addition to your investment strategy.

Investtech provides daily updated analyses and recommendations of more than 15.000 stocks in Europe and the US. The analyses are made available to private individuals and to professionals through paid subscriptions. Investtech also sells modules and analyses-on-demand to larger institutional investors, fund managers and stockbrokers. In addition to analyses of stocks, Investtech also provides analyses of currencies and of the electricity market.

CNN/MONEY Owned by the biggest media company in the world Time Warner CNN/Money is what you would expect from a stateside media giant. Although it is interesting to see how delicately they write about their parent company given that it is now worth only one third of it's value at the time of merger.

CFO.COM So you want to be a Chief Executive - but have you got what it takes? Stateside site of CFO magazine - plenty of articles.

POWER SCREENER allows you to search stocks not only by dividends but also other measurable factors affecting a stock's price. To use their free service, all you need to do is create an account and log in. Multex Investor's stock screener focuses on tangible variables such as market capitalization, revenue, volatility, profit margins, as well as performance ratios such as the price/earnings ratio or debt/equity ratio. They also have some built-in screens that search for stocks according to a pre-packaged set of variables.

Keep in mind that stock screeners are not magic applications guaranteed to make you money, nor do they replace good research. They are, however, a great tool used to start your stock search and narrow your choices down to a small group of companies.

THE GROWTH BUSINESS A UK website focused on the smaller end of the market - Aim and Ofex, and venture capitalists with directories of advisors for raising capital. Study all the Aim, Ofex and VC deals as they happen. Search all deals by type, sector and amount raised. If you are interested in the movers and shakers in these sectors you will find the directories of phone numbers useful - but don't expect to find links to their websites.

FINALXYZ Dedicated to providing information to individual investors who wish to build wealth primarily through long-term, buy-and-hold investment in quality technology stocks. They offer no advice for short-term "trading", but focus on long-term, tax-advantaged investment. They post a daily Market Perspective column five days a week plus Saturday, usually by 12:30 a.m. Honor system for payment. Click here for latest news

DAILY RECKONING OK so how many hours in the day do you have to read informed comment and personal views from the experts -- probably not enough to cover them all -- we will watch this for a while as we did like the cartoon.

TISCALLI MONEY Smart, tight, useful and no pop ups or sign in - as they say - Tiscali Money Personal Area is free, quick and easy, and provides you with a wide range of tools and services. You can: Create your own Personal Portfolio, Create a Watch List, Set targets to trigger alert messages, and receive news and (delayed) price data.

NOTHING VENTURED Another Digital Look site - Full UK trading (all trades 9.95), SuperStreaming, Share tips, Broker recommendations, Financial news, Full access to Premier Service (after sign up?).

SHARECAST - Financial news, market reports, analysis, features, a daily press round-up, director dealings and a week ahead diary. Clean and easy to read 'breaking news' 'economic news' and 'market reports' sections - plus 'sports news'. Charts. A Digital Look site.

ANANOVA More news and articles. Business news stories by sector.

FIND The leading internet directory for UK financial websites - since 1996 - it would take a week to review this lot.

ZAWYA.COM the Arab world's first business and finance portal. Provides timely and comprehensive business and finance coverage of the Middle East and North Africa. Good up-to-date news coverage and financial articles.

NEWS NOW Henrys' choice for a 'must have a link to' site

Dundoe watchers will appreciate the opportunity to see inside Frugi's world. Not only has he put online his unique trading system (don't ask me to review this!) but his list of links to other sites are very useful and if you have the time, check out his 'distractions' with links to all those wacky sites that you know are there but never get around to visiting.

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GREENSPAN Is Robbing You Blind! Take a look at what's left of your 401(k)... your savings account... your investment portfolio -- covered in red ink for the third year in a row. Tons of once-famous companies have collapsed, spreading unemployment and debt and leaving the stock markets in chaos. The last time things were this bad was during the Great Depression. How did this happen again? Investors are slowly learning the grim truth. We trusted the wrong man... Alan Greenspan....... read on